Bhasura Amarasekara, born in 1987, hails from an intellectual family where both his parents are university academics. Music has been a part of his life even during his childhood days. As a child, Bhasura was found singing, dancing & at times, he would sit and write a few lyrics, even though at that time it was just a hobby. It was clear that he had the talent to nurture.

His parents have always encouraged him to be the best in whatever venture without setting any limitations. His deep interest in and passion for music led him to explore all possible genres of musics. He plans on continuing the same, having set his goal to reach the international music arena.

Over the years, he has gained much experience in audio production and the entertainment industry. It is expected that some day he will produce his own music. He has worked with several popular artists who hold prominent positions in the music arena, both the international and local. Ranga Dassanayake, the founder of Hit Factory which is the biggest audio production house in the country, has played a key role in Bhasura gaining experience related to music. It is while working as his Assistant that Bhasura has gained most of his field experience.

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